Who AmSouth.
What Elegance meets simplicity. A new twist on a tradtional tool.
When March 2004.
Where Fulltime employee of EAI.
How Back in the day, banks relied heavily on microfiche readers to store volumes of customer information. To read through it all, one would scroll through films of information. This site adapts that metaphor to a modern treatment of an annual report.
Roles DHTML Developer
Modes Develop all DHTML.

Draft all sitemaps and wireframes.

Collaborate with graphic designer and account managers.
Bites Elegant GUI and animations.

User-controlled pan and scroll mechanisms.

Aggressive image preloader.
Result A highly-designed editorial section of the annual report that seamlessly integrates with the nuts and bolts financial data.
Growth Trigonometric DHTML animations, image preloading, cookie management (Reload the site a few times to see the random image selection.)
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