Who Dow Jones.
What If one site is good, two is great.
When March 2002.
Where Fulltime employee of EAI.
How This annual report provides the user with 2 options: a DHTML version or a Flash version. Each site is sophisticated, simple and fun to use.
Tools IA, Usability, DHTML, Flash, ActionScript
Roles Information Architect
Usability Consultant
DHTML Developer
Flash Developer
Modes Develop all ActionScript, HTML., CSS, and Javascript.

Develop site and preloading architecture.

Manage and help independent contractor who produced HTML components.

Collaborate with graphic designer and account managers.
Bites Flash version emulates "session history", remembering scroll position during session.

Smooth scrolling effects and section transitions.

Flash 4 compatible.

Aggressive image preloader.
Result The client has never been able to repeat this level of a report.
Growth First adventure into DHTML and a major Flash site. Both at the same time.
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