Who Executive Arts, Inc.
What How do you use a website to explain what you do without telling people?
When August 2002.
Where Fulltime employee of EAI.
How Restricted by confidentiality agreements with clients, this website provides users with a glimpse into the EAI culture rather than a list of work samples. The site is completely on brand, from the whimsical to the intellectual.
Tools IA, Flash, ActionScript
Roles Information Architect
Flash Developer
Modes Collaborate with graphic designers and project owner.

Develop all ActionScript.
Bites Captures EAI's "Context Alters Meaning" identity system.

Engaging navigation.

Customized, robust user activity reporting system.
Result A site that has stood the test of time and intrigued anyone who visits.
Growth I learned a lot of ActionScripting in this one.
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