Who Marsh Cove Productions.
What Kids love it. Parents love it. The owners can't stop playing with it.
When January 2004.
Where Freelance.
How This educational website for children aged 4-8 provides real value — something not often found in many education sites. Building on Howard Gardner's research into multiple intelligences, this site reaches out to developing readers in many ways, from the traditional to the progressive.
Tools Usability, Flash, ActionScript
Roles Usability Consultant
Flash Developer
Modes Collaborate with artists and producer.

Architect the CD organization.

Develop all ActionScript.

Develop site and preloading architecture.
Bites Harnesses Howard Gardner's "Multiple Intelligences" teaching methods for educating kids ages 4-8.

A mixed media CD for use in CD-ROM drives and audio players.

Highly interactive (and fun) music section that entertains people of all ages.
Result A prototype that actually worked and an e-commerce site to drive traffic to it and the CD-ROM.
Growth Primarily, colloborating with artists and entreprenuers. Secondarily, some game-like ActionScript coding techniques.
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