The openSource combination of PHP and MySQL offers a powerful suite of tools for delivering dynamic, data-driven websites. These 2 technolgies are normally delivered in a LAMP setting: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP and often provide the backbone for openSource content management systems.

If you have lots of content or lots of data, PHP and MySQL offer a fast, cost-effective approach to creating and managing your sites. These samples (both over 100 pages) were developed in just a few weeks time, and can easily scale to very large sites.

Click to view the entry. Abend & Moore, Inc.
First developed in 2003, Abend & Moore needed to clear their cache and refresh their website.

Click to view the entry. Citizen Studio, Inc.
A comprehensive online portfolio showcasing the work of seasoned graphic designers.

Click to view the entry. TIAA-CREF Asset Management
An exhaustive review of 10 web sites that delivered a project web site full of best practices and a compelling set of presentations.