Who Abend & Moore, Inc.
What First developed in 2003, Abend & Moore needed to clear their cache and refresh their website.
When March 2005.
Where Freelance.
How After 18 months of solid growth, Abend & Moore had developed quite an impressive portfolio, but you wouldn't know it from their initial website. Working together in a close collaboration, we were able to upgrade their site with new features and content while maintaining the original look and feel.
Roles PHP/MySQL Developer
XML Developer
XHTML Developer
Information Architect
Modes Collaborate with graphic designers and project owner.

Develop 4-tier PHP/XML website.

Develop all XML-driven ActionScript.

Develop all XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Bites An extremely fast, cache-smart, data-driven website.

Incorporates PHP, XML, Flash, audio, video and animation.

Incorporated a password-protected project management extranet to keep the team organized.

Code validates to "XHTML 1.0 Transitional" and "W3C CSS."

A visually clean site for both screen and print.

Designed with CSS as opposed to HTML tables.
Result The client is happy, and they tell people to "go to the website."
Growth This was my first project that involved PHP, XML and Flash. This offers a nice extension to my PHP/MySQL framework.
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