What An exhaustive review of 10 web sites that delivered a project web site full of best practices and a compelling set of presentations.
When April 2004.
Where Fulltime employee of EAI.
How Before entering a new space, it's always a good idea to see what the competition is doing. This comprehensive review captured the essence of 10 web sites (good and bad) and re-created the experiences for the project team through a data-driven project web site, multiple presentations and conference calls, a highly interactive, effective live presentation and two supporting leave-behinds.
Tools IA, Usability, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, ActionScript
Roles Interactive Communications Manager
Information Architect
Usability Consultant
PHP/MySQL Developer
HTML Developer
Flash Developer
Modes Develop strategy, thinking, process, content, production assets and presentations.

Present findings to client live and over conference calls multiple times to multiple audience types.

Develop PHP/MySQL project site and create first of its kind interactive Flash presentation supported with 2 printed leave-behinds.

Develop all ActionScript, HTML., CSS, and Javascript.
Bites 300+ hours of competitor web site analysis, evaluation and commentary.

Multiple presentations to marketing lead, sales manager, heads of business units and senior marketing directors.

Data-driven project web site to keep the team informed as research continued to develop.

A new presentation technique and research methodology for EAI that the director of client services wants to leverage with other clients.
Result The client team is informed, inspired and prepared for the task ahead of them.
Growth Learning and presenting this much user experience is very liberating. This project helped my perspective on design evolve.
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