Who Hamilton State Bank.
What A new web site for a startup bank in North Georgia.
When November 2004.
Where Freelance collaboration with Abend & Moore, Inc.
How After developing a brand for the new bank, Abend & Moore wanted more than the standard web site template for Hamilton State. Working with me and the graphic designer Shannon Somerville, we developed a simple, smart web site that far exceeds the client's expectations.
Tools PM, IA, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript
Roles Project Manager
Information Architect
XHTML Developer
Modes Manage day-to-day tactical details of site production.

Collaborate with graphic designer and account managers.

Draft all sitemaps and wireframes.

Develop site and preloading architecture.

Develop all XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Bites Incorporated a password-protected project management extranet to keep the team organized.

Random header image selector allows the site to refresh its messaging on each page load.

A visually clean site for both screen and print.

The site degrades gracefully if CSS and JavaScript are disabled.

CSS-based rollovers for the menu system (as opposed to JavaScript).

Aggressive image preloader.

Designed with CSS as opposed to HTML tables.

Information table highlighter.

Automatically prints well.
Result A fast loading, self-refreshing, elegant web site that prints well.
Growth Another XHTML project, I learned more quirks about Internet Explorer on Macs, and I even got to write some copy and manage parts of the project.
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